Fun story. This is a water storage tank up the hill from the house we rented outside of Novato, California. When I say up the hill, I mean UP - roughly a 20 degree grade quite a ways up. We walked around the tank, just to see, and saw some deer on the other side. Then as we walked back to the trail apparently my wife got too close. A computerized voice scared the hell out of us, warning us our pictures had been taken and to step back. So we did. Freaky though. Wonder where those pictures went? Did they find a match?

The mixed plate from Love Belizean, a food cart that was on SW 6th in Portland but currently is without a home. Beef, chicken, beans and rice, and salad, topped with prickly pear pepper sauce. The meat melted in your mouth and the sauce provided a nice kick to the stewed flavors. Would love to go back, whenever they find a new home.

The chocolate peanut butter ice cream sandwich from Storrs Smokehouse in Newberg, Oregon. Very good, actually, and somewhat unexpected at a BBQ place. Unfortunately we were there too early to order meat (before noon) so we’ll have to return.

Cowgirl Creamery in Point Reyes Station, California. Not only do they have some absolutely fantastic cheeses - most of which they will offer up samples of - but this baked to order mac and cheese is the best we’ve ever had. Ever. Worth the drive to the coast just for this. The Red Hawk was excellent too.

Napa Roast Pork Sandwich at The Fatted Calf in Napa, California, with sliced shoulder, apricot mostarda, lemon aioli and arugula. Tasty little snack, though the bread was a bit tough. If we lived in the area this is the type of place we’d shop at.

Petaluma Creamery in Petaluma, California. Tried the Oreo and the peach ice creams. The cream parts were good, but the peach pieces were ice bombs. Cheese curds and butter were fantastic; Misaki approved of the curds.

Our water carafe at Mi Mero Mole. Really, officer, all we drank was water…

Brownstone Front Cake from The Wandering Goose in Seattle, Washington. Dense, moist cake with what they call a caramel frosting. To us it tastes like the frosting on a maple bar; doesn’t matter - it’s excellent. Also, this gigantic slice was deemed “too small” so they cut us another inch-thick piece. All for about $7, which is a steal. We also picked up a biscuit (the size of my hand, including fingers) with raspberry jam that barely made it home. Considering the pictures of biscuit sandwiches and dishes drowned in sausage gravy they post on Facebook - all the things we love - it’s probably a good thing they are 170 miles away. Will definitely return.

Kalua pork, shoyu chicken, Mac salad and rice from the 808 Grinds foodcart in downtown Portland. Yum!

Strawberry teacake from Baker and Spice.