Portland ingenuity: old sewing machines weighing down the cover at Carte Blanche.

Lunch at Portland’s Carte Blanche food cart. It’s amazing. Go there. The rice bowl with fried tofu was amazing. We also got the sandwich with chicken and it blew us away. We had no idea what to expect from the dessert but we loved it. New favorite cart? Maybe.

Found this little guy walking along Portland’s south waterfront trail. Beaver with moustache, cause, why not?

My “side” of tots comes with a side of potato chips at Bunk Bar at the Wonder.

Fresh baked madeleines from Frice Bakery in north Portland. Fluffy lemon pillows tossed in sugar - so good.

The muffuletta sandwich from the soon to be gone Central Market and Kitchen in Gresham, Oregon. Same owners as the defunct Eastmoreland Kitchen, same awesome sandwiches. Like my lunch bag?

From the neck of a Deschutes Obsidian Stout. Fantastic stout. It’s been quite awhile since I had one. Won’t let that happen again.

Alert! There is a new bakery in North Portland and it’s awesome!

Frice Pastry, sharing space with the new Lardo North, brings the St. Jack morning bakery from the old location into a permanent space.

Wait, you are saying, does Portland need ANOTHER bakery?! Apparently yes. We went in Saturday morning and picked up the cinnamon roll and the pretty caramel treat - an apple Bavarian caramel: dulce de leche over a walnut cake with baked apples and Bavarian cream. Amazing.

We walked out, then went back in and got a slice of the pithivier - almond cake wrapped in puff pastry - and a cup of Sterling coffee. So good.

We did some errands and ended up in the same area, so stopped for a third time to get a $1 mini eclair. Dreamy.

So go. Get treats. Eat. Enjoy. Thank me later.

(There is also bread, from Phillippe, which also now supplies all the bread needs of Lardo’s growing sandwich kingdom.)

McNulty’s Big Catch from Brunchbox in downtown Portland. It’s a fried cod version of a Big Mac, but awesome. Two filets, two slices of cheese, lettuce, onion, pickles and tartar sauce on a three-piece bun. So good. This is what food tasted like when Ray Kroc opened up shop.

St. Patrick’s Day cupcakes from Portland’s Baker and Spice. Chocolate cupcake with ganache and mint buttercream on the left and yellow cake with Bailey’s Irish coffee buttercream on the right. Cake was good and the flavors in the frosting were excellent, but it was a little heavy on the butter part of buttercream for our tastes. We prefer it creamier, a little softer.